Borrow A Cup Of Sugar From Isaac Mizrahi

by LAUREN BELSKI · June 10, 2008

    [Image via Newsday]

    You may recognize Isaac Mizrahi as a fashion designer who pioneered the "luxury clothing for the masses" trend. His Design for All campaign for Target has revolutionized affordable fashion. You may not know that he lives in Bridgehampton in a three-bedroom, three-bathroom, Colonial style house. He purchased his home in 1997 for $485,000 and today it is worth just over $2 million.  Looks like the value of a house on Oak Street has gone up quite a bit since the 90s. Although Isaac was a victim of the copper robber in April, that won't stop him from enjoying all Bridgehampton has to offer. You may find him tasting wines at the Brideghampton Winery, dining at Almond Restaurant and of course at the Bridgehampton Polo Club beginning July 19th. And maybe, just maybe you'll find him taking a class at the Old Water Mill Museum, where visitors can learn the art of quilting and weaving.