Dan Says: Slydial

by Adam Bertrand · August 6, 2008

    dans hampton

    There is little I dread more than phone calls. I have decidedly adverse reactions to that shrill ring -my stomach clenches, and my heart sinks as I stomp over to the console. Awkward in person, I'm much more so over the airwaves, unable to think of anything other than how much I long to hang up. When I myself have to make a call, I always pray for voicemail. Now I don't have to pray.

    The good sleuthes over at Dan's Hamptons have discovered a free service called Slydial, which enables its users to send calls straight to voicemail. All you have to do is dial 267-SLY-DIAL, and then the person's number, and you'll be home free. Even better, the person's phone will register a missed call from you. Um, awesome. This has definitely make my week, if not my life.

    {image via Dan's Hamptons]