My Weekend Recap

by Stanely Stuyvesant · July 28, 2008

    At Robert Wilson's Watermill PartyThis weekend went by way, WAY too fast.  Though it was a rush for me, (and everyone else), to get home in the pouring rain last night, at least the water held off and waited the appropriate day so that all of us could get in our Super Saturday activities.  As for me, this will be one of my more memorable of weekends this summer...

    Thursday I had a chance to check out all that SCOPE Hamptons Art Fair had to offer (and it was a lot!).  Plum TV was taping the Juice there and Doug and I got to play tag alongs.  Friday I jammed out my posts at Java Coffee in Sag Harbor, my newest favorite coffee place on the east coast.  Salomon Contemporary partyAfter a run around Long Beach, and a BBQ hosted at Nick Gregory's, I attended an Art party at Salomon Contemporary, at a huge barn-like location with artists and gallery owners from all over the world.  I came away with a better sense of just how well the art-folk party.

    Saturday meant shopping.  I hate shopping. However, sometimes, the deals are just so good that you have to suck up the long lines, the scorching hot sun and the crazed shoppers.  Super Saturday makes the Barney's Warehouse Sale seem like child's play.  Plus there's tons of other things going on...carnival rides, food tents, free manicures, a spa tent, celebrities shopping amongst you, and diamond-encrusted Nintendo's to play.  Sam Edelman himself helped me find my shoe size! Oh, did I mention the gift bag was like the size of a small child?

    sam edelman himselfI was so beat after an afternoon of shopping that I missed Polo (again), because I had to get ready for the BIG EVENT of the weekend:summer: The Fifteenth Annual Watermill Summer Benefit aka Robert Wilson's party.  This year was a Marlene Dietrich inspired theme and BOY will I have a lot to talk about for that write up!

    Sunday meant catching as many hours of beach time as possible before driving back in torrential downpour.  I am looking forward to sharing more from the weekend, photos, and full writeups throughout the week....Because let's face it, we're going to need SOMETHING to help get us through another week sans SAND before Thursday hits.