Rainy Day Saviors

by Adam Bertrand · August 6, 2008

    Rainy DayWhile the Hamptons is not an outdoorsy enclave à la Boulder, it is a spot best savored outside, whether on the pristine (apart from chest hair and too-tight, florescent Vilebrequins) shore, or along the enforcedly quaint village centers, with their abundance of outdoor cafés and endless opportunties for people watching. My question is, what happens when you just add water? Nobody (here) seems like the stroll-in-the-rain type -mustn"t get those K. Jacques gladiators wet! Sure, the cafes stay open, but what is there to see through streaming windowpanes?

    I know I ought to know the answer by now, but as it didn"t really rain much during the daytime while I was there, my question still stands. What do you all do? Throw home-spa get-togethers? Catch up on missed Tudors episodes? Read all (or at least the movie reviews) of those New Yorkers that have been accumulating on your coffee table? Go to that adorable movie theatre in Sag Harbor? Spend hours surfing through ShopBop"s 70% summer sale? Now you know what I do; your turn to spill!

    [Image via LCRA]