Road, Rail, 'Copter Or Air: Your Options For Travel To The Hamptons

by Dena Silver · July 16, 2012

    It's now mid-July, and if you are unaware of your options to getting to the Hamptons, we have a problem. However, if you feel like your transportation option just isn't quite working out for you, we may have a solution. Thanks to the New York Times' extensive review on getting to the Hamptons, we have an in depth look at just how a Friday afternoon can be spent aboard the Hampton Jitney, the LIRR and of course, a helicopter. We've thrown in one more option, StndAir, just in case neither of those three tickle your fancy. Really, the only thing missing is a leisurely boat ride from NYC to the East End.

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    The Hampton Jitney

    Often times referred to as the "Hampton Shit-ney," this bus is, and probably always will be a staple form of transportation out East, regardless of your experience onboard. The Hampton Jitney rules are strict and must always be abided by. The most important ones to remember are to always make a reservation, don't ever talk on your cell phone and only ask for one snack. If you're not lucky enough to be a rider on the Ambassador service, where you can choose your seat when you make your reservation, choose your territory on the Jitney carefully. No one wants to be stuck next to a stinky bathroom when Friday afternoon traffic turns your trip into a four hour carnival. But really, the worse thing that can happen is you can get stuck in the middle of a horrifically boring and dull conversation, so choose your neighbors carefully as well.

    Get more info about the Hampton Jitney HERE.

    Long Island Railroad

    The cheapest, and booziest way to get out East, the Long Island Railroad is basically like a portable Boardy Barn. While some riders cling to their blenders like their lives depend on it, others are sipping out of conspicuous looking brown paper bags, which yes, do contain beer. Riders aren't just drinking to pass the three hour ride, they're drinking to catch up with whomever is greeting them at the station. As one 20-something put it “I don’t want to get out there completely sober and everybody is already crunked up at the pool.” While there are some innocent bystanders who mistake this train for a normal form of transportation, they seem to be the minority. So pack your bags lightly so you can fit enough booze to last you three hours, because the only issue with this party train is that there is no bar onboard.

    Check out train schedules for the LIRR HERE.


    Quite possibly the most fun part about taking a helicopter from Manhattan to the East Hampton Airport is laughing at all the fools that are inching their way along the LIE. Forty five minutes and $3,400 later you can begin your weekend in the Hamptons, and for that price, it better be a really great few days. If a chopper ride is in an accessible price range for you, it's clearly the best option, with the only downside being the incessant drone of the aircraft. Ignore the noise and take note of the scenery, in no time you will be laying on the white sand of the beaches you're floating above.

    Book your helicopter ride out East HERE.

    StndAir Sea Plane

    Also a 45 minute ride from the city to the country, StndAir seaplane will set you back $525, in addition to a nerve wracking landing on the sea. East-bound flights land at the East Hampton Airport and in the water by Shelter Island on Thursday and Fridays, while you can head back West only on Sundays and Mondays. One perk to the sea plane, which is brought to you by The Standard Hotel and André Balzas, is that their recent partnership with Warby Parker will also have you walking away from your flight with a sweet pair of sunnies for your weekend ahead.

    Get some more details about StndAir HERE.