The Hamptons Is Getting A Little Bit Country!

by Maggie McGlinchy · July 8, 2011

    Talk about some good ol' country fun, huh? Who wants to embarrass themselves the old fashioned way with one too many drinks and some corny dance moves? Apparently, it has been unofficially decided that riding a mechanical bull is the best new way to throw your dignity out the window and quite frankly, I support it.

    [Photo via Curbed]

    Plus their website has this awkward video with some awkward kid failing miserably, which is hilarious.

    So sign yourself up people! Your party NEEDS this bull! Rates start at $400.

    But why stop there? Maybe a tropical slip and slide is just what you need to liven up that stuffy pool party!

    You can rent this sucker right HERE, but be forewarned: you have to provide the water and the hose.

    BUT WAIT. It gets better. If you're really trying to win biggest-douchebag award, you'll win the trophy with these super classy ice luges:

    Please tell me you're cringing/laughing as hard as I am. Get them HERE.

    Rage on people!!