"What Am I Doing?" The GofG Guide To Top 10 Best Drunk Poses

by Maggie McGlinchy · July 21, 2011

    Listen, we've all been there. Your memory is a little fuzzy from last night, so you turn to your camera to help refresh your memory on what exactly happened the night before. Your head is pounding, you're desperate for a bottle of water, but as you begin to scroll through you can't help but ask "what the hell am I doing in this picture?" or "hahaha holy sh*t look at her face in this one!" It's inevitable. So, here it is, a guide to the Top 10 Best Drunk Poses and it's all inspired by you fine people. But don't be embarrassed, I made it to the list one too many times as well.

    The "Hair Grab"

    This move is obviously female exclusive and can be used to give yourself some volume should you need some. It's also awesomely awkward.

    The "Arm Up"

    This is definitely the most popular and easiest to do. Plus it kinda gives off that whole, "I'm dancing and having soOoOo much fun!" vibe, which is what we're all going for in the end.

    Eaaaaasy buddy!

    And of course, if things are really out of hand, you can use both arms.

    The "Peace Sign"

    This is my personal go-to move, but it's also the best way to know that whoever is doing it is most definitely hammered.

    The "Weird Hand Thing"

    You're not sure why you did it or what it even means but you did it. And we have proof of it.

    The "Point"

    This one is kind of aggressive, but it's really fun and usually is accompanied with a pretty intimidating/hilarious face.

    The "Funny Face"

    Forget looking cute, just look like a huge weirdo instead! I mean, if you're drunk you probably aren't looking your best anyway... we're just being honest.

    The "Unknown"

    This move is great because you can never really tell who it is. Yeah, I MIGHT be able to recognize this guy if I ever saw him again. But at the same time, no I couldn't. If you want to try to conceal your identity a little bit, go with the unknown.

    The "Double Fist"

    If you're double fisting, shit is gonna get really weird and that's when you know that your night started to go downhill...

    The "Pose With Something"

    Why is that man using that shell as a phone? Why is she kissing the raft? Why is he pointing at the sticker on his chest? Because they decided that they needed an inanimate object in their picture and ya can't blame 'em.

    And of course, The "Sloppy"

    These are the ones that just can't be explained and should probably be deleted...whoops!

    So next time you find yourself blacked out, remember these various moves, decide which one works for you and work it!