It's nice to know that in the throws of a potential apocalypse, I'm not the only one who's seriously turned a sartorial corner, digging what feels like a forever deepening hole into the realm of loungewear. 

Emerging as a particularly calming voice to her fashion flock, Anna Wintour has been popping up over the past few weeks on the Vogue Instagram account. Sharing her words of wisdom and hope, as well as an inside look at her Mastic country home on Long Island, and, most importantly, her personal quarantine style!

Turns out that Anna is basically the number one fan of La Ligne's striped sweaters. Not a particularly surprising fact considering their classic design, and that the brand was started by Vogue alumnae Valerie Macaulay and Meredith Melling. Also unsurprising is the fact that she's continued to sport her iconic shades. 

But a true eye-widening moment happened earlier today, when Anna revealed what she's got going on below the belt when sending work emails. Red racing striped jogger bottoms!

While I still kind of doubt that these glorified sweats existed in her wardrobe prior to this pandemic, I am very much here for it now. And while some may see this as a sign that the end of the world is clearly near, I think that's overreacting. 

Now when she posts a video of her trimming her own hair, that's when you know it's over!

Click through for an inspiring look at Anna's quarantine looks.