Barrière's Stylish New Sun Hats Are The Ultimate Spring Must-Haves

by Christie Grimm · April 4, 2022

    Sun's out, hats on!

    Cult favorite fashion wellness brand Barrière has just launched their latest game changing product - and trust us, you'll want to stock up!

    Beloved for their smart, thoughtful collections of personal care must-haves - from their stylish medical grade face masks to their positively addictive hand sanitizer - Barrière has made protection the new luxury. 

    Crafted out of 100% recycled materials, with a UPF 50+ rating (the highest fabrics can get!), their new "Shady Beach" hats are the ultimate all-season staple. 

    And like, besides the brilliant fact that they're the equivalent to sporting SPF50+ sunscreen sans the annoyance of ever having to reapply, they're just the absolute chicest!

    To begin, they've launched with four spring prints - a black and white tie dye, a perfect pastel ombre, a bright, colorful daisy and a cool girl denim

    The perfect pieces to sport from the city to the Hamptons, no?

    "We all know that Sun Protection is one of the most important steps to having healthy skin," shares Barrière Founder Cleo Davis-Urman. "But even on cloudy days, up to 80 percent of the sun’s harmful rays can break through our best defenses."

    "These sun hats are my must-have, always-in-the-bag accessory for spring and summer. They offer convenient and effective protection for my scalp, face, and shoulders, and eliminate the need to reapply sunscreen while on-the-go. I keep one in my purse, stashed in its stylish storage bag, ready for action, and I wear it whenever I’m outside running errands, walking my dog, or dining outdoors. The packable construction makes these hats perfect for travel or spending days by the beach or pool, and they look great with everything under the sun."

    "Lately I’ve been styling our denim patchwork hat with my favorite denim jacket and vintage jeans, and I can't wait to mix-and-match our floral and ombre hats with the colorful printed pieces in my spring wardrobe when the weather gets warmer. I am currently traveling to St. Barths with all 4 prints packed neatly in my carryon - a first for the girl who always struggles to bring multiple hats on the plane!"

    [Photos courtesy Barrière]