Have you figured out which Hampton you are? Have you scammed your share house owner into thinking it's just four of you who are looking to rent - you know, excluding the other 20 people who will be rotating in and out, sleeping on living room floors, leaving dirty pots and pans scattered around the kitchen?

Well, your perfect summer in the Hamptons is almost complete. All you need? Why a LaCroix bathing suit, of course. Because pool swans simply aren't douchey enough, and $49.50 is a totally acceptable amount of money to throw at something so silly. But before you grab your his and hers one piece and swim trunks, you'll have to settle which flavor you are. Pamplemousse? Passionfruit? Lime? Real existential shit, we know.

Click through for a look at the rainbow of swimwear you've to choose from.

[Photo via @publicspace.xyz]