Hamptons merch. It's a tough game to play. Personally, the last thing I'd ever wear in public is a 'Montauk' sweatshirt, and I've been spending summers out there my whole life. That phase has come and gone along with my teen years - though even then I was much more of a 'The End' butt-blazoned Soffe shorts type of girl (if you know, you know). Why the anti-town swag position? Well, the last thing a self-respecting person should be broadcasting is the place they go on vacation. Oh, you've been to Montauk? Tell me more about this exotic, exclusive place you clearly want me to know you've been.

Therefore, very surprised was I when a new Hamptons collab actually piqued my interest. Each summer the East End sees a break-away winner in the clothing/accessories department. I think we all remember the Whalebone hat craze sported by every Long Island weekending male about two summers back, no? This summer, my money's on the new Todd Snyder x Moby's collaboration.

Together, designer Todd Snyder and Lincoln Pilcher of Moby’s have created a limited-edition capsule of fun, fresh summer styles. Available online and at the Hamptons hot spot, the branded tees and hoodies come in a dreamy pastel palette that's very hot girl/boy summer. Whatever that means. Let's just say prepare to see their pink tie dye sweatshirt situation EVERYWHERE.

Click through to shop the collection and beat the bandwagon!