Summer. 'Tis the season for toting adorable wicker basket bags à la Jane Birkin. Pretending you've just come from perusing a farmer's market or harvesting bushels in a lilac field somewhere. And now, thanks to the ever brilliant Chefanie Nass, 'tis also the season for basket bag earrings!

The modern day Renaissance woman has just released her first collection of accessories (alongside a seriously cheeky chic line of tableware pieces - all entertaining must-haves of course), the pièce de résistance of which is a Hamptons girl's answer to a gold chunky hoop - big basket clip-ons! Seriously though, how genius? We suggest you get to this party early and scoop these puppies up now before they're inevitably all over the place.

Click through for a peak at the rest of the divine adornments - including mini baskets filled with pearls or coral, dangling cookie strands, and even pasta shaped beauties!

[Photos courtesy Chefanie Nass]