Is The World Coming To An End? Meltless Ice Cream Now Exists!

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 28, 2009

    [Photo via Flickr] This is no joke people. In June, Cold Stone Creamery announced two new flavors, Butterscotch Velvet and Chocolate-y Goodness. What sets these flavors apart from the rest of the icy-goodness world is that they do not melt! NY Mag recently reported on all of the unimaginable things currently being done with ice cream. Supposedly, there are 100 ice-cream scientists in the entire world constantly working on the molecular chemistry behind the summer treat with new ideas arising for scientists and chefs alike... Along with the invention of "hot ice cream"and "everything bagel" ice cream, meltless ice cream is truly mind boggling. Seriously,  what can we expect in the future, pantless pants?