Nello Summertimes Reduces Their Prices

by Stanely Stuyvesant · June 9, 2009

    Stanley instructed the girls on a recent excursion. He wanted to know if his dogs at Nello Summertimes finally got their ears out of their tails and cut down on their $27.00 vodka cranberry cocktail. You may remember the angst this drink caused the Eater boys last summer. So Stanley told them to check in on the Nello crowd this past Friday night, and order as many different drinks they could (note: the operative word being "order" not "drink" - the girls have the beverages awaiting his arrival this weekend in their fridge). So, between the cougar gawking and the preying men, team Hamptons found some interesting finds about the elasticity of drinks at Nello.

    The Kettle One and cranberry they ordered came to $21. A whole $6 off from last summer! WOW, recessionomics here we come. Now Nello only needs to take $6 more dollars off to bring the drink's current cost from ludicrous to ridiculous.

    The Bellini they ordered (good choice) was $18, which was, believe it or not, the same price as a bottle of water last summer. Luxury water, highly dubious.

    The Hendrick's and tonic came to $21. Same $6 save as the Cran-vodka. Top shelf gin, plain old tonic. Probably would have been better off ordering a shot.

    There you have it. Now, the last mystery that needs to be solved is where the girls hid the cougars they brought back for Stanely. Ruff!