"Off The Eaten Path"...East Hampton Farmers Market

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 22, 2009

    [Photos by SGExpress] As many have tasted before, fresh-locally produced goods and food has a indescribably better taste than comparable grocery store goods.  Highlighting an east end favorite, a GofG reader recently suggested the East Hampton Farmers Market as an "Off The Eaten Path" location. Located in the famous restaurant parking of Nick and Toni's, the Farmer's Market is not difficult to find. Although only three years old, this farmers market features some of the best local produce and seafood in the Hamptons. Goods sold range from local veggies, fruit, flowers, baked treats, amazing pickles, fudge, fresh orchard juices, and handmade crafts. To top it all off, what Hamptons Farmers Market would be complete without the sale of locally caught seafood. The East Hampton Market features numerous ocean goodies. The market has been a hot spot for locals, celebrities, and famous chefs alike.

    Some of those spotted browsing through the market have been Eli Zabar, Ina Garten, and private chefs looking for the very freshest produce and ingredients. The market is only open once a week (Friday’s from 9-1), so plan your shopping trip ahead of time so you don’t find yourself midweek craving a fresh zucchini or peach.