"Off The Eaten Path"...Funcho's Fajita Grill

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 9, 2009

    [Riverhead Funcho's, All Photos by Yelp] My personal discovery of Funcho's Fajita Grill was probably one of the best discoveries I ever made in the Hamptons. There are two Funcho's in the East End, one on Main Street in Westhampton and the other is located in Riverhead. The food is tex-mex and very reasonably priced for the Hamptons. For example at $6 you can get an order of guacamole with homemade tortilla chips that is enough to feed two people. While looking for Funcho's, it is not hard to spot thanks to line of people you likely will see and the buildings' brightly colored paint. Both Funcho's locations have plenty of outdoor seating.  To be honest, there truly is nothing better than coming from a long day at the beach and stopping at Funcho's for a cold beer and some tex-mex grub. More pictures below: