Screw Stuffing! Ina Garten's Making Her Herb & Apple Bread Pudding

by Christie Grimm · November 23, 2020

    Not going to lie, I am so not a fan of Thanksgiving food. 

    Turkey? Mashed Potatoes? No thank you.

    This year, everyone's favorite Hamptons lifestyle queen Ina Garten is switching out a classic (let's be real, boring) dish for something far tastier that we bet you'll be making all year long!

    "For my Micro Thanksgiving this year (4 people!), I’m making my Herb & Apple Bread Pudding," wrote Ina on Instagram. "Instead of stuffing the turkey, which requires you to cook it for more time which can dry out a turkey, this savory bread pudding bakes separately but has all the flavor of traditional stuffing - creamy bread and vegetables on the bottom, with lots of crunchy, cheesy bits on top. That way, you’ll have the best “stuffing” and a delicious moist turkey in less time! And you can assemble it ahead of time and bake it just before serving!"

    All about a cheesy carb moment? Upgrade your holiday (no matter how small!) and whip up Ina's Herb & Apple Bread Pudding!

    [Photos via Food Network, @InaGarten]