Lidey Heuck's Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches Are The Sweetest Way To Cool Off

by guestofaguest · June 27, 2019

    If you're not following Lidey Heuck of @LideyLikes on Instagram, do yourself a favor and grab your phone. Based out East, where she serves up some serious year-round East Hampton lifestyle envy, Lidey's more than just Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten's right hand. She's a successful cook, recipe developer, and blogger in her own right. Not to mention, most importantly, she's the owner of a disturbingly cute welsh terrier. But we digress...

    Prepare to dream up reasons to stay in and eat at home with her site's portfolio of great, go-to recipes. And though we don't like to pick favorites, her most recent dish is a classic ode to summer no one could refuse. We're talking Sheet Pan Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches!

    Whether you're looking to impress your dinner party guests, or - let's be real - you're just settling in for a night of delicious tv alone time, these little guys are just the trick. Sprinkles and all.

    Head to Lidey's site for everything you need to know to whip these up STAT!