The Blue Parrot: Overhyped And Overpriced

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 14, 2009

    [Image via NYMag] In case you were wondering why we haven't dragged ourselves into the Blue Parrot as of yet, it really doesn't have anything to do with the shaky reviews. We have yet to find a place that reviews have deterred us. We just figured that Curbed Hamptons was on Parrot Watch so tightly they pretty much had that covered for all of you (how did Kristin phrase it? Tighter than Bradley Cooper's abs, to be exact?). But as my family was in town over the weekend and my aunt read somewhere Martha Stewart enjoyed some Dirty Bird margaritas and chipotle guacamole at the Mexican hot-spot, she was set on trying it out. Sure, why not? I figured I could report back to the GofG Hamptons crew. To spare my time and yours, I could do a pretty quick pros and cons list, but I'll go into a little more detail for you...

    Let's start with the pros first, because I try to be a very positive person. The Blue Parrot has great service- a friendly hostess and attentive waitresses. We got right in (ok, it was a sunday, they said it's packed on weekends). Our meals seemed to use fresh ingredients where it was most important, like vegetables and fish (the tuna steak my father ordered wasn't the least bit fishy). And Martha Stewart is on to something- the chipotle gaucomole was delicious, and the chips that acompanied it were just as good.

    Now time for the cons, which unfortunately outweigh the pros by a minor landslide. The tuna steak, despite it being fresh, lacked flavoring, and the rice that accompanied, also on the bland side, came in the shape of a cylindar - a signature high school cafeteria move. The mahi mahi tacos were topped with shredded cheese and shredded carrots; Another ameteur buffet bar move. The soup was overwhelmed with cumin, and the chicken quesadillas, were... well, quesadillas. And that chipotle gaucomole we loved so much? Well for $12, we got a tiny dish that wasn't even filled to the top. I guess you could call it... a sampling dish?

    But maybe the most disappointing was when I got home that night and broke the news to the girls. "Well, how were the Dirty Bird margaritas at least?" Former bartender Kendra asked. Let me inform you that despite loving my cocktails, I'm not a big tequila drinker, and therefore usually don't drink margaritas. "I thought they were decent, but my aunt said they had too much Triple Sec in them". Kendra stared at me like I was an idiot. "Uh, that's the sign of a bad margarita." Whoops.

    Verdict? If you're in for a weekend celebrity sighting, it could be worth it. Or a $12 "sampling" of delicious gaucomole. But I'd pass on taking your family there. Or your friends... or yourself... during the week, that is.