The Rush To Ruschmeyer's

by Anna Lombardi · June 15, 2011

    The verdict may still be out on whether or not Montauks newest hot spot, Ruschmeyer's, is serving up the goods, but they have excelled in one area... ambiance!

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    Robert McKinley and Ben Pundole are the same guys that brought Montauk The Surf Lodge, but when it came to renovating the Ruschmeyer property they wanted to play around with the original 1950 function, camp ground! They describe they new lay-out as being "campground-chic." [via]

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    There is really no better way to describe it. The nineteen cabins on the property have the same "less is more" vibe as Surf Lodge rooms, but with an enhanced cabin feel.

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    You can also find bikes, outdoor picnic table seating (the beer garden), a teepee, ping pong tables, and space for musical performances on the property. The hotel is offering fun activities such as paddle boarding, kite boarding, and yoga. The young and trendy have been filling up the joint each weekend since its Memorial Day opening, making this "camp site" not only the chicest, but probably the best looking. You may not want to post up for dinner, but go enjoy drinking like a camper, without counselor supervision.