These Bougie Meals Were Made Specifically For The Jitney

by Christie Grimm · May 23, 2018

    The Upper East Side has its own way of doing things. And now, they've even their own particular first class version of takeout. 

    Specifically crafted for those hopping aboard the Jitney on their way out to their summer homes, the Jitney On The Go Menu at Tavern62 by David Burke is sure not your sad, half smushed wrap from Starbucks, or ziplock bag of dusty trail mix. 

    Oh, how the other half lives - and eats!

    Only on a bus to the Hamptons would you see someone digging into a gourmet lobster roll. A far more sophisticated pregaming experience than the LIRR offers...

    Located just three blocks from the 59th Street and Lexington Avenue Jitney stop, do yourself a favor and upgrade your trip.

    [Photo courtesy Tavern62]