What's Cooking In Christina's Kitchen?

by MIKEL MCCOY · June 20, 2008

    strawberries, ice, deliciousStrawberries are good all summer but they are at their best this month. Take advantage of these summer sweets while they are at their peak! Give this recipe a whirl and tell me how it is. Strawberry Granita with Cracked Black Pepper

    6 cups ripe, cleaned, and quartered strawberries

    1 cup sugar

    2 cups water

    fresh, coarsely cracked black pepper

    Boil all the ingredients (except the black pepper) together on a low flame until the fruit is tender and the liquid is a syrupy consistency.

    Strain the mixture into a shallow glass baking dish that can fit into the freezer. Be sure to mash as much fruit through the strainer to maximize the flavor.

    Freeze for 20 minutes or until ice begins to form around the edges. Begin to stir the mixture every 20 minutes until you have shaved crystals.

    Serve in ice cream sundae cups with a generous sprinkling of cracked pepper and a dollop of creme fraiche. Garnish with mint. Enjoy!

    Christina Cho has been a private chef to some of the most influential New Yorkers around.

    After graduating from NYU and The French Cuinary Institute, she began a career in the food industry that has last nearly ten years. Professional schmoozer and lover of all things culinary,

    Christina has joined the gofg family to write on the food culture out East and in the city.

    [Image via Restaurant Widow]