While Lounging Poolside...

by THERESA WON · June 3, 2009

    [Image from browniepointsblog] Savor thisSummer Sorbet Spritz.  This is a dessert I created on a whim because I love fizzy drinks and these are super easy to make (not to mention healthy!). I have served it to family and friends with favorable results as the perfect summer treat.  Whether you are into diner classics like the root beer float, or something a little more high-end like a flute of Taittinger with strawberries, here is a dessert drink with a bright and fruity twist that will keep your spirits aloft and bubbly.  Recipe below:

    Ingredients* (makes about 4-6 servings):

    1 bottle of sparkling mineral water (we recommend Crystal Geyser in lime)

    1 jar of peach halves

    1 pint mango sorbet

    1 pint vanilla soy ice cream (or regular ice cream for those of you who aren't feeling the soy joy)

    Medium-size sorbet glasses

    *Most of these ingredients can be found at Trader Joe's


    Quarter peach halves.  In sorbet glass, add peach quarters.  Place two scoops each of the sorbet and ice cream on top.  Pour sparkling mineral water until the glass is 3/4 full.  Add several drops of peach syrup from the jar of halves.  Stir gently to mix the flavors, but do not combine the ingredients.  Et voila!  Dessert is served.  Garnish with other fruits or a sprig of mint if it tickles your fancy.  Serve with small spoons.