While Lounging Poolside...

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 22, 2009

    [Photo by Flickr] Drink This. The Mojito is a cocktail that generally falls into the same category as a Pina Colada or a Strawberry Daiquiri. They all are the type of drinks you enjoy during the summer time or while on vacation in a tropical place. However, drinking the same summer cocktail can get routine and boring. So today's recipe is a fruity twist on the Cuban Classic, a Blueberry Mojito. The cocktail is not only gorgeous to look at, but it contains antioxidants and is a palette pleaser. So while you might be boozing it up, the blueberries at least offer a healthy plus to the drink. Ingredients and directions, courtesy of mixologist Greg Harrington, below:


    8 blueberries

    6 to 8 mint leaves

    3 ounces club soda

    2 ounces Bacardi Limón

    1/2 ounce simple syrup

    1 lime wedge or splash fresh lime juice

    Garnish: Mint sprig and additional blueberries


    Muddle the blueberries and mint with a splash of soda in a shaker until they're crushed.

    Fill a shaker with ice, and add the Bacardi, lime, and simple syrup.

    Shake together, strain into a glass filled with ice, and add the soda.

    Garnish with mint and blueberries.