Zucchini: Summer Eating; Easy, Fresh, and Healthy!

by MIKEL MCCOY · August 13, 2008

    zucchinisZucchini is the most common local vegetable I see at all the markets. Radishes, beets, and leeks are summer staples but it is the zucchini that gets most popular award. I think it even surpasses the tomato, who's origins are sometimes suspect.



    Enjoy this healthy and ridiculously easy Zucchini Sauce over Whole Wheat Pasta!

    5 large Zucchini (they can get grossly large so use your own discretion) 1 head of garlic 3 large eggs Freshly grated Parmesan Cheese Freshly cracked pepper 1 box of whole wheat spaghetti

    Clean and roughly chop the zucchini and place into a large pot. Add all the cloves of one head of garlic, peeled of course. Melt the two ingredients for about an hour until the sauce is smooth. Chunks are okay if you prefer. Add salt and pepper to taste.

    Meanwhile cook the pasta al dente, drain and place into a bowl. Crack the3 eggs over the hot pasta and toss vigorously. Add the sauce, add some parmesan, and lots of cracked pepper.

    Dinner is served!