Chaise23 Is Taking Over East Hampton As The Preferred Summer Workout

by Dena Silver · June 22, 2012

    Summer is short and you shouldn't spend all of your time at the gym, but it's still important to look smoking hot in your Eres bikini. The solution? Take a 55 minute class at Chaise23, and get a full body work out that will transform your body by the end of the summer, if not before then. Performed completely on a chair, with aid from bungee cords and a spiky gold ball, one workout later you will see why.

    With one outpost on the Upper East Side and another one downtown, Chaise23 is following the crowds out to East Hampton for the summer. Addicts to the Chaise23 method have those well-toned, long, lean and sculpted bodies that are the envy of every man and woman in the room.

    [Owner Lauren Piskin]

    The workout borrows moves from Pilates, aerobics, strength training and ballet to kick your butt into shape. But rather than using the typical Pilates chair to get a workout, Chaise23 uses a smaller chair, so most of your workout is done in a vertical position rather than horizontally. The bungee cords suspended from the ceiling that you will be tugging on for the entire 55 minutes ensure that your arms will go from flabby to fit in no time. A combination of classes are offered from Cardio Chair, which features reps to help you sweat out the deserts you indulged in last night, to the Reinvention Chair, that forces you to focus on your form and posture.

    Owner Lauren Piskin, an energetic and unbelievably toned individual, will be on hand for the grand opening of Chaise23 on Saturday June 23rd. Join her and the rest of the Chaise23 team for mimosas, healthy snacks and a 15 minute private consultation. And if you want to look hot on the beach or by the pool this summer, this is one chair you should definitely take a seat in, but don't get too comfortable.

    Go HERE for more information about the grand opening of Chaise23.