Dragon Hemp Apothecary Brings The Healing Power Of CBD To The Hamptons

by Guest of A Guest · August 8, 2022

    Sag Harbor is officially home to the chillest place out East...

    Perhaps you've strolled past Dragon Hemp Apothecary on Main Street and wondered, just what the fuck is this?

    Simply put, the new wellness brand combines CBD, premium Chinese herbs and organic botanicals to create a range of products that improve everything from performance, recovery and anxiety to sleep, malaise and overall well-being.

    Renowned sports medicine acupuncturist and Hamptons local Kevin Menard is bringing his years of experience to heal the masses at the beautifully designed, first-of-its-kind out East cannabinoids shop.

    Why not drop a tincture of Clarity & Focus right into your morning coffee? Or rub some Warming Balm on stressed spots where you can't seem to shake pain? Or pop a few CBD gummies to elevate your mood?

    The modern apothecary-meets-Chinese herbal pharmacy is clearly the new Hamptons wellness hot spot. Like, what better hostess gift could there be than a gift basket brimming with all of these goodies?

    Stop by Dragon Hemp Apothecary to find out more from 10am to 6pm Sunday through Thursday and from 10am to 8pm Friday and Saturday.

    [Photos courtesy Dragon Hemp Apothecary]