Get A Club Themed Work Out With Barry's Bootcamp And Their Team Of Drill Sergeants

by Dena Silver · June 29, 2012

    Just when you think you have your workout schedule all figured out, yet another fitness studio with a new method of working your abs lands on the East End. This week, Barry's Bootcamp is the spot to check out, but we're warning you, they might make you drop and give them 50 before the class even starts. Far from your calm yoga class, an hour of bootcamp will grant you the privilege to at least taste dessert tonight, and still enjoy a few cocktails afterwards.

    Toting a work out that's in a "night club party environment," owner Barry Jay and his crew promise that this won't be your every day boot camp experience. Barry created his first workout studio in Los Angeles after spending a few too many years partying in the Hollywood scene, and realizing that he wanted to bring the club atmosphere with him to the gym. The workout method has cultivated a cult-like following by having their drill sergeant teachers shouting orders over a bumping bass.

    Barry's Bootcamp has a number of studios in SoCal, a brand new studio in Chelsea, and plans on rotating all of their best instructors out here for the summer. You are guaranteed not to experience the same work out twice, because each teacher puts their own spin on the class, whether they're focusing on legs, butt & shoulders, chest, back & abs or a hard core full body workout. And for the first time ever, Barry's will be offering a treadmill free class, focusing solely on weights and your body, without all the running.

    This Saturday, starting at 10 AM is the Grand Opening of Barry's Bootcamp Hamptons location. The Barry's team will be offering a stacked schedule of classes in addition to complimentary spa services from A Studio Spa, Polar Seltzer Cool Down Bar, and a live DJ to calm down with after class. Go HERE to see more details about their grand opening and get set to sweat!

    Barry's Bootcamp 352 Montauk Highway, Wainscott