The Surf Lodge Welcomes SLT To Their Back Deck To Work Out This Summer

by Dena Silver · July 2, 2012

    This past weekend SLT "Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone" brought its effective 50-minute workout to The Surf Lodge, adding yet another perk to the already stacked line-up at the hotel. Offering four classes a day, SLT at The Surf Lodge will offer its heart-pumping, music-focused program that includes Yoga, Kickboxing and Core-centric workouts.

    As the perfect morning ritual to keeping your mind engaged and your body bikini ready for the beach, SLT at The Surf Lodge allows guests to maintain their active and healthy lifestyle, while enjoying a weekend away. Located either on the back deck over looking the water, or on the beach itself, the classes take place in the prettiest and most zen of settings possible.

    "There's no better way than to wake up and start off the day with a great workout to ease into a relaxing day at the beach and a guilt-free Brunch!" says SLT Founder and Owner, Amanda Freeman. Amanda also promises music to accompany each class that includes artists such as Robin S. to Crystal Waters, De La Soul and The Clash with some modern day Lil Wayne, Mark Ronson and Drake as well. What does one wear to an SLT class? Amanda recommends you show up at class wearing only comfy clothes and don't forget your sneakers if you are partaking in a cardio class!

    With an easy sign up at and walk-in availability, what's your excuse not to visit SLT this summer?

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