Catch Innovative News Network Cheddar Live In East Hampton This Summer

by Stephanie Maida · June 7, 2017

    In the age of the internet, cable news is so passé - that's why we love Cheddar. The video news network (you can find their channel on YouTube) broadcasts live on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Marketsite, and now - The Hamptons?!

    Covering everything from politics, technology, and the companies changing our lives, Cheddar is a must-watch for consumers who want an in-depth look at the innovations and services they use on the daily. Obviously, we can think of no better demo than the cool kids out East - aren't they always the first to know about anything? No wonder Cheddar is heading out to East Hampton this summer, broadcasting live on Fridays at The Palm.

    Go and say hi, or catch their exclusive interviews with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs streaming digitally at 9 am! Hey, even our own founder has made an appearance: