If you’ve ever seen the blazing atrocity that is Tipsy Bartender parading around his kitchen armed with a bottle of blue curaçao in one hand and a female body part in the other, you’ve probably unavoidably gotten a creepy vibe or two (in between cringes induced by his questionable red Solo cup-worthy concoctions). The fact that he’s managed to create a million dollar empire from being a thoroughly corny perv is kind of infuriating, TBH, but all the more reason to call him out for not only subjecting his viewers to subpar sugar-and-artificial-flavor-laden excuses for cocktails, but also for objectifying his lady guests in the process. I’m not even sure if he’s capable of mixing anything up himself given that he makes his concubines do all the grunt work for him whilst he looks on and throws in the occasional lewd comment. Let’s explore his nastiness at length, shall we?