How To Transform A Montauk Motel Into A Hipster Hotspot

by guestofaguest · June 25, 2013

    Over the years, we've watched Montauk transform from a dusty beach town, to a hipster haven, complete with edgy hotels, celebrity chef-run restaurants, and cool poolside bars. The formula, according to Curbed, is the following:

    "Buy an aging Montauk motel, slap a few improvements into the joint, build a poolside bar with a vulgar name, fight incessantly with the town, book a number of high-profile musical acts, and start raking in the dough!"

    Check out the candidates Curbed came up with and find out how you can start the next Montauk hotspot (necessary turntables, vinyl collections, retro rental bikes, and resident DJ not included). [Hamptons Curbed]

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