Jose Ignacio Meets Montauk: Carolina Ferpozzi & Cristian Gonzalez Bring Authentic Paella & More To The Crow's Nest

Is there anything better than truly delicious, mouthwateringly scrumptious food? A well cooked meal and the perfect refreshment pairing can fix a broken heart, turn a bad day good, and warm the soul. Last year, on a trip to Uruguay, Guest of a Guest Founder, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, and husband, owner of the Crow's Nest, Sean MacPherson, realized the power of a chef who can grill and season to savory bliss. The two swept up and away Carolina Ferpozzi and Cristian Gonzalez, two irreplaceable chefs from Fernando Trocca's restaurant in José Ignacio, Uruguay and blessed The Crow's Nest's diners with them for the summer.

Carolina and Cristian have infused the tastes and spirits of Uruguay into the restaurant's summer menu, making a splash with their authentic paella, a cacophony of flavors that play off each other's individual simplicities and spices. Carolina has also introduced her own masterful take on The Crow's Nest dessert menu, offering summer cakes and sweet treats. Our stomachs are grumbling.

In the spirit of summer and the celebration of good grub, we can't wait to devour every bit and morsel Carolina and Cristian have to cook up.