Lobsters Bringing Me Back Home

by Stanely Stuyvesant · July 3, 2008

    lobsters at grosmans [Playing with Crustaceans at Grosman's]

    I can't believe there was a time where I didn't love lobster (around age 9 I believe).  Thank god that, (besides that one little mishap with the dish at Legal Seafoods in Boston in college), I have gotten over that phase of my life.  Lobsters are one of the best things the ocean has to offer us, and growing up in the middle of the country, they were quite the TREAT for me...

    More story and photos below:

    lobsters in montauk

    Each Christmas my Grandma Rita would order in hundreds of lobsters from the east coast for our ginormous family (my father is the oldest of 13!), which we would get to pick from. My dad has since carried on this infamous tradition in the Hruska household.  I couldn't help but think of them both when I was at Grosman's last week with Luigi Tadini, Claire, and Dan and Eben from Plum.  We were trying to guess the weight of these lucious lobsters as we got to pick them up at our choosing.

    I was miles away from my grandparent's farm in Ulysses, NE...but I felt closer to home than I have in a long time.

    [The Battle Of The Lobster Rolls]