Montauk Is The New Southampton.

by Rachelle Hruska · March 24, 2010

    Monster be damned, the buzz around Montauk continues to build. This summer a slew of A-list restaurateurs will join Surf Lodge's Jamie Mulholland and Jayma Cardosa in bringing in well-heeled crowds to piss off the proudly scruffy town's barefoot surfers and year-rounders.

    For years Montauk locals and surfers have cherished its mellow, almost honky tonk vibe, it's anti-Hamptonsness. Until recently mini golf courses, pancake houses and beachy two-floor motels outnumbered chic restaurants with pedigreed chefs (like Surf Lodge's Sam Talbot) and the celebrities (like Ralph Lauren) that flock to them.

    But times continue to change. And despite a battered Hamptons real estate market (or because of the relative bargains it produced), big names from the restaurant and nightlife scenes in Manhattan and ritzier East End precincts continue to go (all the way) east, young man.

    The Surf Lodge: Round Three.

    Jamie Mulholland and Jayma Cardosa will be back for their 3rd season in Montauk and the socialites and preppy share housers are sure to come back for more late night concerts and popcorn ceviche.

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    Sole East: Round Two.

    Sole East took over and dolled up the ramshackle Shepard's Neck Inn in 2006. The venue, which also featured a hotel, and was right across the pond from The Surf Lodge reopened last summer and had a slew of pretty young things head over for parties hosted from anyone from "They City" stars to the Tom's Shoe's founder.

    A group called "They Ivy" even bussed out guests from the Lower East Side out to Montauk to party with hipster dj's and spike drinks. Sole East is coming back for round Two this summer.

    The Montauk Yacht Club. Round 81, er, Two.

    The Montauk Yacht Club may be 81 years old, but it wasn't until Andrew Farkas bought the place and  spiffed it up in 2007 that it became relevant to the GofG radar. Last Summer there were 20's-themed parties, Burger Bashes, and late night Fourth of July bashes. Claire Danes and Jay McInerney even visited the place to read some books to socialites.

    There will, no doubt, be more parties under the white tents of the Montauk Yacht Club this summer.


    Crow's Nest. Round One

    Yesterday we told you about Sean Macpherson's purchase of the Crow's Nest hotel and restaurant. This is big news, considering Sean is head of the same team that brought us places like the Jane Ballroom, The Bowery Hotel, and Waverly Inn, among others. But, let's be honest, you know it's big news when Lockhart Steele decides to spend time creating a photo montage of you (left).

    Jokes aside, we are excited to see what the new place will look like.

    [Photo via Curbed]

    Navy Beach. Round One.

    Recently came news of Navy Beach, which will replace the Sunset Saloon on the northern end of The End.  To27's report on the newcomer emphasized its family friendliness, which you'd think might dilute scenester appeal. But the team behind Navy Beach includes a chef (Paul Labue) from East Hampton mainstay Nick & Toni's and a general manager (Franklin Ferguson) from late '90s hot spot Asia de Cuba and Sex and the City co-star Sushi Samba. We just hope you're still able to sit in the sand while you eat.

    It's an exciting slate of newcomers in Montauk this year. But does it spell the beginning of the end of The End as old-timers know it?