Sugar Shack Burlesque 'Girls of Summer' At Solè East

by Kyle Langan · July 11, 2011

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    Solè East in Montauk heated things up on Sunday night when the ladies of Sugar Shack Burlesque hit the Hamptons with one of their scandalous shows. The NYC based troupe brought with them co-founder Miss Runaround Sue and her friends Evelyn Vinyl and Legs Malone, to name a few. The girls performed to a packed house and scintillated the audience with their gyrating hips and sultry voices. Since its founding in 2006, Sugar Shack Burlesque has been creating exciting, cutting edge events that still maintain the integrity of the old days of vaudeville but put a modern spin on their routines as well.

    One member pulled a gentleman up on stage, had him tie her up in a straight jacket (which she confessed was a Hanukkah present from her father), before she shimmied out of it seductively.

    Evelyn Vinyl, a newer member of the group premiered an original routine as she transformed from drunken bum into sexy dancer, strategically removing everything but her thong.

    Legs Malone did not disappoint as she sprang into action fast by slapping off, then on again, a revealing leather outfit that left the men in the audience, well, breathless. (She even wielded a whip near her uhhh, yeah that area.) The show was unlike anything Montauk is used to and it’s safe to assume the viewers won’t forget the Sugar Shack girls for a long time to come...