The Montauk Beach House Gets In Trouble With A Bad Inspection

by Neesha Arter · August 3, 2012

    While future visitors of The Montauk Beach House won't notice it, this month old hub were faced with a speed bump upon inspection on July 26th. The Montauk Beach House, remembered by locals as the Ronjo Motel, surprised inspector Thomas Preiato when he discovered a full bar and a retail shop set up in a shed. While these hotel features were never registered upon the venue's opening, it doesn't seem this mishap will hurt the Hampton's newest party spot at all this summer.

    Thomas Preiato, the senior building inspector for the town of East Hampton, commented on the inspection for Patch,

    "It is clearly evident that the bar is being used for more than guest services, based upon my inspection I determine that the service bar is being used as a general public "bar", a use not approved for the structure."

    One of the owners of the hotel, Chris Jones, released a statement about the inspection that countered the bad review,

    "Ancillary services to resort guests are an important component of the guest experience that is recognized by the town code and has provided an economic benefit to the town for decades that has contributed to the success of this important sector of the local economy,"

    He continued on about the controversial inspection,

    "In situations like this, where property owners do not agree with the determination of the building department, mechanisms are provided in the Town Code to resolve such situations -- namely the ZBA -- and we will be reviewing these options in conjunction with experts in this matter"

    Lucky for The Montauk Beach House, this news is rising towards the end of the summer season. See y'all on Labor Day!

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