Fact Or Fiction: Sarah Palin Relocating To Hampton Bays?!

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 17, 2009

    [Photo by Photobucket] This has to be a joke... As Dan's Papers is currently "reporting", rumors have it that ex-Alaskan governor Sarah Palin is moving to Hamptons Bays. Speculations first began when numerous secret service agents (with Alaskan credit cards) kept routinely appearing at the Hampton Bays Diner. Supposedly, a person by the name of "Francis Iditerod" placed a bid on three neighboring homes in Hampton Bays and index cards of Palin's were scooped up by Alaskan reporters containing information about a  move to the Hamptons...

    The nail in the coffin came from a supposedly "hacked" e-mail of Palin's that explains her moving plans in full detail. We wonder just how much truth there really is to this story and if Palin does actually move out here, how will the long time Alaskan resident adjust to the Hamptons? Sounds like the start of a good television show, er, we mean news story to us. Stay tuned for further "information..."