The Sarah Lawrence Cult Story Is The Craziest Thing You'll Read Today

by Stephanie Maida · April 29, 2019

    First there was NXIVM, then there was R. Kelly. Now, a disturbing new "cult" has hit headlines. Did we somehow travel back in time to the '60s?

    New York Magazine has published an in-depth investigation into the horrifying story of Larry Ray and a group of Sarah Lawrence students he manipulated, assaulted, took money from, and, in some of their cases, still has control over.

    Ray, a conman who was infamously responsible for the fall of his "friend" and former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, reportedly moved into his daughter Talia's dorm at Sarah Lawrence in 2010. From there, he soon exerted control over her group of friends under the guise of "personal transformation" coaching. He forced them into sexual situations, diagnosed them with mental disorders, alienated them from family, humiliated and physically threatened them. 

    Some of his victims attempted to take their own lives, while one of them turned to prostitution in order to pay back money Ray claimed she owed him.

    The whole story is absolutely batshit and truly sad. Before the inevitable Netflix documentary, read it all HERE.

    [Photo via Unsplash]