Hampton Luxury Liner Promises Recession-Proof Goody Bags

by Cary Randolph Fuller · April 9, 2010

    A press release from Hampton Luxury Liner, promising "high end signature gift bags" on its beach-bound coaches, popped into our inbox a couple days ago, and we haven't been able to think of anything else since. -

    The luxury bus line has teamed up with esteemed goody bag team Madison & Mulholland to provide its patrons with chic swag - nothing improves a traffic-clogged L.I.E. trip like free treats! We see a greater trend at play here, a more important message than, "Ride our liner." People, we are witnessing the revival of conspicuous consumption.

    With Hampton Luxury Liner's promise of fat swag bags come a whole slew of fancy opportunities that sing a song of economic health, including "On Board and By Reservation Only" special events that will take place on the motorcoaches themselves and will provide:

    an opportunity to meet prominent New Yorkers/Hamptonites for the duration of the ride to or from the Hamptons. “On-Board” events will range from: “Beach Beauty & Hair Retreat” with Carmine Minardi, of Minardi Salon & Spa; “Dating Boot Camp” with relationship experts and authors, Tamsen Fadal & Matt Titus”; and Holistic Health Counselor, Alisa Vitti, founder of Laughing Sage Wellness, will provide insights and new information regarding women’s reproductive and hormonal health issues.

    All this on-board pampering suggests that companies are ready to spend again in an effort to attract the choicest clientele - and that those consumers are ready to shell out for the best treatment. But that isn't just reflected in bus swag. It can be seen in the exciting merry-go-round of Montauk nightlife, as bars and clubs both old and new gear up for another season. It can be seen in the once again lively real estate scene.

    Compare this with last summer's lackluster motorcoach gift bag offerings and general feeling of malaise and depression (brought on, of course, by the dismal economy), and try not to feel optimistic.