Hamptons Papers, Like Hamptons Real Estate, Not Immune to Recession

by BILLY GRAY · May 3, 2010

    Dan's Papers, the biggest local newspaper on Long Island's East End, filed for bankruptcy today. Despite reports of a recovery from last year's dismal vacation real estate market, owners cited a loss of ad revenue from the industry as the root of the problem.

    According to Business Week, "household income for Dan’s Papers’ readers averages $381,000, making a 'very attractive advertising option for high-end advertisers.'" The company counted Dan’s Hampton Style, Montauk Pioneer and the Insider Guide among its Hamptons offerings.

    The publications' mix of feature stories and social commentary on topics spanning "fashion, performing arts, dining and nightlife" will be missed, but can be found on Hamptons-tracking websites much like this one.

    And don't forget that Social Life magazine bravely soldiers on.