Headless Body Joins The List Of Creepy Hamptons' Shore Wash Ups

by Anna Lombardi · May 24, 2011

    It just would not be summer without something disturbing washing ashore the beaches of the Hamptons. Introducing the headless body of Amagansett; sad, disturbing and obviously creepy, a male body between the ages of 20 and 30 has washed up on the sands of an Amagansett beach, only adding to the list of strange things that wash ashore the Hamptons' beaches.

    The body was found over the weekend, and was in such bad shape that the victims race and identity has not been determined at this time.Investigators are waiting to see what the autopsy will prove, right now there is suspicion that the body may have been in the water since the winter (possibly longer). Hopefully headless body remains takes a back seat to ugly undefinable creatures.

    In 2008 news broke about the mysterious and ugly creature, found (and then mysteriously taken away) along the beach at Ditch Plains; today the creature is known as the Montauk Monster.


    In 2009 there was another "Montauk Monster" found (just as gross, and even more freaky).


    Not to be a total Debbie Downer, I will leave you on a lighter note. Did you know that there is a whole website dedicated to Montauk Monsters around the world? Check it out!

    UPDATE: According to the East Hampton Patch there seems to be no foul play involved. There were no signs of trauma, no gun shot wounds or breaks to the bones; and the body was headless simply because of the natural process of decomposition. The body was also missing a finger and part of the left leg (from the knee down). Divers were unable to find the skull, and as of now there is still no identity given to the body that washed up off Big Alberts Beach.