Is The Beach Party Over For Neptune Beach Club?

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 4, 2009

    [Pictures by Neptunes Myspace] After we reported that Neptune Beach Club ran into some heavy legal troubles over this past memorial day weekend, it looks like the real problems have only begun for this twenty year old establishment. Neptune's address is located on the prestigious and well-known Dune Road in East Quogue, and estimates of what the property's net worth is easily into the several millions. The legal troubles that Neptune has caused the Town Of Southampton has resulted into a never ending migraine for both town officials and law enforcement. Linda Cabot, the Southampton Town Supervisor, is determined to shut down Neptune once and for all.

    To recap what occurred over this past Memorial day weekend: a total of nineteen arrests and four drug overdoses were recorded. Of the drugs confiscated, this buffet included cocaine, Ketamine, ecstasy, oxycotin, and marijuana. A security guard at the club was even apprehended by the police after it was discovered that the guard was confiscating drugs from patrons and then reselling them to other patrons. In the parking lot beside the beach club, arrests have previously been made involving public sex, drug use, and violence. Overall, Memorial weekend basically took "an entire patrol squad with support personnel for five hours" to control the activities at Neptune, reported the The Independent.

    If Neptune is to finally shut down once and for all, the big question is: What will become of the space? Will the Town of Southampton purchase it, or might one of the various NYC night club-power players attempt to turn it into a Hamptons satellite business? Only time, the New York state liquor authority, and Southampton law enforcement will dictate this. Stay tuned for updates on the fate of this establishment...