Liza Minelli Held A Yard Sale In The Hamptons

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 15, 2011

    According to the Post, Liza Minnelli sold off her crap at her yard sale in the Hamptons. But don't worry, she's still a total diva. Minelli included in the ad, "don't bother coming early, entertainers sleep in." What exactly was she selling? Lampshades, wine glasses, worn dance shoes and a set of epaulets given to her by Michael Jackson, among other things.

    [Photo via NYPost]

    Liza, I definitely wasn't gonna wake up at the crack of dawn to get my hands on some worn dance shoes. Maybe if they were the ruby red slippers I would consider setting an alarm, but I doubt it. The best part? She autographed everything she sold, including a book on hip-replacement surgery. Sounds wild.