The Hamptons' Hurricane Irene Hangover

by Annie Rooney · August 29, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos of Hurricane Irene in the Hamptons!

    What a hurricane! It's the day after the most wild night to hit the stretch of 27 East, and after spending a solid amount of hours with lack of electricity, internet or television, all I can think about right now is getting a good meal and surfing the web. But, somewhat like a horrible hurricane hangover, all there is is long lines, horrendous traffic, loud noises and still many places are without power.

    As of this very moment, as I work remotely from the Starbucks in Bridgehampton, I have just counted 56 people sitting around on their computers and phones (one includes Bravo's Andy Cohen). Children are screaming, and fights are erupting as soon as a power outlet is vacant.

    A fallen soldier in Southampton...

    Touching the good earth of The Atlantic coast...

    Sag Harbor's Golden Pear was an awkward situation Sunday morning when the power went out right as I closed the door to the bathroom. The frantic staff continued to only serve cold foods while charging customers a hand-calculated price. The lukewarm but still drinkable coffee was no longer served after 15 powerless minutes despite the continued orders of "hot" turkey chili. Out on the roads there were police directing traffic in the streets and families slowly roaming the streets checking out the carnage. What a headache.

    Lights out at the Golden Pear, but patrons come in and eat anyway. "We'll serve you our chicken salad if we over weigh it and over charge you..."

    It was no weekend of moderation. Over-sleeping and too much eating ensued because that's what rainy days are for, right? Thank god for Twitter because even though we had power for most of the storm's duration, our internet and cable left with Irene's departure from Long Island. What a sick joke. There is hardly a point of having power when you can't watch the VMAs or google search open diners after 10p.m. on a Sunday night. It was probably the only time in my life where I wished I had that 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle I got last Christmas or a charades playing family. Nevertheless, we survived Irene and, like looking back on any hangover, it wasn't THAT bad.

    Flooding in Montauk...

    Surf's up? I don't think so, bro.

    South Edison Street...

    A Timber Maze of Traffic...

    A bit tangled on Scuttlehole Road...

    Sloppy Tuna wasn't trying to get sloppy with Irene.

    Spotted: Charlie Sheen and Irene leaving Shagwong Tavern. #winning?

    Surf's up at Cynthia Rowley.

    The IGA is open. Flashlights were probably out of stock.

    Ruschmeyer's boards up.