Weekly Run In With The Hamptons 5-0

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 15, 2009

    [Photo by Dayfile] As anyone will tell you the police in the Hamptons are some of the most strict law enforcers in the region. Its no surprise considering the great migration of people that come to the Hamptons every summer. As various papers have mentioned before, the Hamptons police love to publicize the wall of shame, which is a wall of photos of people who have received a DUI/DWI out here.

    So, as you must be wondering, how did my run in with the 5-0 occur? It was a standard Friday night, on my way to Pink Elephant, and was driving on a side street in the Hamptons, doing the speed limit as usual. Carson was following behind my car, to where she was going to park her car at a Jitney stop to pick up for later. I briefly stopped my car, waiting for her to park and jump into my car, when suddenly cop car #1 pulls behind me and cop car #2 pulls to the left of me, both flashing their lights. I thought to myself, wow I must be pretty special to deserve two cop cars. At this point, Carson is completely confused as to what just happened. Cop#1 walks up to my window and the first words out of his mouth are nothing related to the law or my driving but "Is that glitter on your eyes?". Cop#2 then takes notice of my glam'd up makeup and proceeds to ask me the same question. I explained that my friend and I were on our way to the Pink Elephant and that she was parking her car. Cop#2 then seriously asked "Does everyone there wear pink pants and pink shirts?"

    Now, I was completely confused. Astounded that I just garnered the attention of two police cars, and thinking I was about to get an undeserved ticket, I was in awe that all they seemed concerned about was my glittery makeup and cracking strange jokes about the Pink Elephant. Cop#1 and cop#2 then laughed joyously and realized everything was fine, speeding away into the Hamptons night, in search of their next victim. All in all, it was a rather humorous experience, I did not get a ticket, and I have now decided to carry glitter with me at all times in the event that I get pulled over again. GofG readers, if you have any humorous Hamptons police stories we would love to hear them. Email me at kristin@guestofaguest.com