God's Love We Deliver At The Tahari House

by Adam Bertrand · June 16, 2008

    Tori Burch at God's Love We Deliver [Simon Doonan (with doggie) and Tori Burch at GLWD]

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    If there’s one event I never miss in the Hamptons each season, it’s the "God’s Love We Deliver Mid Summer Night’s Drinks." Not only is it one of the most fun and festive parties, always drawing a friendly crowd, it helps a cause that reaches so many people in need. GLWD’s mission is to “improve the health and well-being of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-altering illnesses by alleviating hunger and malnutrition.” (from GLWD.org).

    Each year Mid Summer Night’s Drinks is hosted at a remarkable Hamptons residence by people who are committed to God’s Love. This year Rory and Elie Tahari opened up their amazing Sagaponack estate to host the fete and share with us their mission to help others.

    Arriving at the beach front estate, valets took collected cars and partygoers were escorted via golfcart up the long driveway to Casa de Tahari. It was everything you would expect it to be: perfectly manicured lawn and gardens, a modern and chic home which was perfectly decorated, sweeping ocean views – and lots and lots of really attractive people who also happen to be prominent members of society! Every year the God’s Love party draws a great mix of designers, artists, philanthropists, socialites and media moguls. This year there were a few extra surprises, which is an testament to the Tahari’s social prowess.

    God's Love We Deliver Benifit at the Tahari House

    Festively preppy party goers sipped on cocktails provided by Grey Goose and munched on delectable minis – all while raising a lot of money for God’s Love. During the auction (MC'ed by Simon Doonan) generous contributors (like Ann Jones) committed to a $5,000 gift which buys one person a YEAR worth of meals (a very loving and generous contribution), someone won the Kenny Scharf surfboard for around $8,000, and a couple lucky people will be dining with Joan Rivers at Le Cirque (this was one of the auction items!).

    Martha Stewart, God's Love We Deliver BenefitMixing and mingling with Elie Tahari and Rory Tahari we found Tory Burch, Ann Jones, Simon Doonan, Kyle MacLachlan, Desiree Gruber, Kyle Blood, Robert Zimmerman, Christina Phillips, Barclay Butera, William Diamond, Brendan Monaghan, Sarika Rastogi, Ezra Alvarez, Alan Levin, Karen Pearl, Cary Brown, Billy Gilbane (III), Michael Rohrer, Matthew Kelleher, Michael Sennott, Jon Gilman, Brad Learmonth, Martha Stewart, Olivia Chantecaille, Ren Grady, Rob Benieser, Martha Benieser, Mike Moren, Jeff Gates, Rob Banning, Scott Currie, Melissa Berkelhammer, Rachelle Hruska, Carter Cramer, Katlean de Monchy, Ron Lense, Douglas Friedman, Megan Flannery, Cathy Dransfield and many many more supporters!