Got (Harvey) Milk?

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · June 11, 2008

    This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of joining our dear friends Peter Wilson and Scott Sanders at their beautiful home just off the water in East Hampton for the Hetrick-Martin/Harvey Milk Institute "School's Out" benefit. The setting was purely magnificent, being held in their back yard with pathways leading through meticulously landscaped gardens, and an organic wooden bridge opening up to a tennis court lined with ancient-looking trees. The hors d'oeuvres were delightful and the drinks flowed freely. And after some of the teenagers from the high school spoke about what HMI has done for them, the dance floor opened up and the DJ got busy! I was lucky enough to be asked to stay for dinner where Peter and Scott served a delicious beef roast (or if you prefered chicken, the option was there) with a salad and a DELICIOUS corn pudding that put any sweetened creamed corn dish I have ever tasted to shame. Some notable guests were Tom Dolby, Drew Frist, models Matt Merrell and Ryan White, Patrick McMullen phographer Adriel Reboh, Rob Banning, Scott Currie, Timo Weiland, Kristian Laliberte, and Charles Lorum.