Haven Makes Music (And Us) Go Green

by Adam Bertrand · July 8, 2008

    [Photo via Newsday]

    My friends and I were shopping in Southampton when Rachelle called from the city. She, Stephanie Wei, and I were going to model dresses at this party. It was going to be huge. Everyone was going. Even Diddy. Pressing her for more information proved useless, but I was intrigued enough to hightail it over the Baptist Church on the Bridgehampton Turnpike, where a shuttle bus was waiting to whisk us away to Hennessey's HYT ME Estate in Water Mill.

    Once there, we were immediately handed over to the spunky and chic Kaight, whose organically-crafted dresses from Bahar Shahpar, Mociun, Nature vs. Future and Sublet Clothing, and handmade hats by ArtikalNYC from we were lucky enough to show off. Seriously, these dresses, especially Stephanie's, with its zigzags of red and white, jaunty bow, and fun bubble shape, were absolutely lovely, and wearing a wide tilted brim straw hat made me feel like a southern belle at the races.

    hyt me mansion [Photos by Kurt H. Leggard]

    More story and photos below:

    Awesome as they were, our outfits were far from being the only thing the party had going for it. As soon as we walked onto the patio we were inundated with smiles and compliments from the outgoing crowd. In addition to the friendliness, there was an overwhelming amount of green -grass-covered piano, a bar stocked with organic spirits and Steas soda, Vamp clutches and Ortolan totes, and kick-ass locally-sourced hors-d'oeuvres (the flatbread with kalamata and pesto hummus was insane) from Top Chef's Nikki Cascone.


    From 4-6 (the event went from 3-7), we ate, modeled, and mingled with our new friends as the rain drizzled down (parasols were provided), and the talented Eric Lewis played renditions of Mr. Brighteyes and The Scientist.