Robert Fowler Invites The Country Club Set To Party In East Hampton

by THERESA WON · May 27, 2009


    Summer arrived early in the form of country club chic at Robert Fowler, Candice McCullough, Suzanne DeMambro, and Kerry McVey’s party in East Hampton last Saturday.  Upon walking in, I felt as if I had stumbled into a Chuck and Blair (as in Bass and Waldorf, respectively) party.  It was preppy heaven, brimming with sweaters tossed nonchalantly around partygoers' shoulders, bows and headbands galore, pastels and Ralph Lauren quite obviously as the top choice as guests mingled with the famed polo player-atop-a-horse emblem emblazoned on their chests.

    Simon van Kampen and Alex McCord made an appearance and upon discovering that it was their ten year anniversay of their first meeting, they took celebratory shots with the preppy attendees looking on.  Douglas Marshall and Stephanie Wei were also on hand to enjoy the festivities.

    p.s. Big THANK YOU to ALBERT FIERRO and Fierro's Pizza for nourishing us out in the middle of nowhere with their speedy delivery service! Kudos!